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Mother of all Beans is our high caffeine coffee that you grab for an all nighter to get your ass to work. Get your day going like a GBU-43 dropped on the enemy's head.
Disclaimer High Caffeine Content – Ask Your Doctor.

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7 reviews for MOAB

  1. Dakota B.

    Amazing! Bold flavor with a bold aroma.

  2. Charles

    Hooooooly shitbiscuits! YEEEEEEHAAAAW! This shit takes coffee to a whole new level! Like YEEEEEEEEEEAH!!!! I almost didn’t make it to the Lue n when i did i ablout blew a hole through the damn thing! Seriously great coffee! Ordering more now

  3. Mercedes

    I found this coffee at Whet your pallet in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Since my husband is a veteran, I try to support as many organizations that help armed forces and veterans. Caffeine is how I run my life and coffee is my favorite. Oh My Gracious. Seriously so good!

  4. Wayne

    I just like your coffee

  5. Amanda

    Best coffee ever! Husband and I got a box at a gun show and we are hooked! Will be replacing our usual dunkins 🙂

  6. Teri

    I stumbled across this coffee at Gat Guns while shopping for a new lead thrower. It said MOAB and I thought “Cool, Moab, Utah is one of my favorite places. But wait, it’s military coffee so it’s got to be Mother of all Bombs. Even cooler!” It has a lovely taste and the caffeine is a nice boost. Now I go to the gun shop to buy coffee. LOL

  7. Logan Bolen

    Normally drink 2 bangs a day so 600mg of caffeine. This coffee one cup made me jittery. I like it alot and I never drank coffee hence the bangs

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