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When you think of the U.S. Navy, you think of the Battleship with it’s 16″ guns and up to 21″ of steel, floating in the ocean to protect America. So like the Battleship, this coffee is bold, strong, and twice roasted to unleash it’s full power. Low acid, without the bitterness. ONE sip will make you run to a navy recruiter, and sign on the dotted line.

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6 reviews for Battleship

  1. Sarin Ek (verified owner)

    Best coffee ever, boyfriend bought a bag when he went to IL and I got online and ordered 3 more. Taste amazing black.

  2. LILLIAN Carlson

    I love coffee; it’s been years since I have not had at least one cup of coffee. I can tell an excellent coffee, when I drink it and this is an excellent coffee.

  3. Brenda Roy

    Picked this up at KCFM. Both my husband and I love this coffee! Add your favorite flavored creamer for an intense (but super smooth) treat. I am ordering more Battleship right now!

  4. Randy Mapes

    Dark, smooth and not bitter. Awesome coffee

  5. Keith French

    I love the strong bold flavor of coffee, but not a big fan of those that are also bitter. Battleship is NOT bitter. As the most powerful ship on the water, Battleship is the more powerful tasting coffee in my cupboard. I enjoy it too much. HA !!!

  6. Judy Shanahan (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this coffee, I wish it wasn’t a limited time though, I’m going to cry if I can’t get it.

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