Zero Dark Thirty

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Zero dark thirty, that time when you need a full flavor coffee to kick your butt in to gear. This Dark blend coffee is a strong patriot coffee that will make you proud to be an American.

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16 reviews for Zero Dark Thirty

  1. Eric Norwood

    Bought this coffee at a local gun show today. Great taste and strong! Price is good for a strong quality coffee that’s veteran owned and donates proceeds to worthy causes. Will absolutely buy again.

  2. Gene McCabe (verified owner)

    Ordered online and it shipped same day. Finally got it in my grinder today, and it is very, very good! It’s a blend, and the roast is definitely DARK, but not bitter. The beans are expressing a lot of oil. The coffee was rich and bold. I did mine in a French Press, so I got all that good oil too. I like it! Great service and a cause I can get behind. Airpower!

  3. Bob Koonce

    I bought some Zero Dark Thirty and love it. As a Navy veteran who stood many midnight watches (what we called balls to six). This stuff would have been great to keep me going all night. Nice job for Army dudes. πŸ˜‰

  4. Bryan Rauworth

    Ever since Gloria Jeans quit making Black Gold I’ve been searching for a worthy substitute and have definitely found it. Bought a couple of bags at a local gun show and never looked back. Now I need to try the rest! Great job guys, and a great cause!

  5. John “Pyro” Stevenson

    I bought a bag at Ace Hardware in Geneva. I’m a big fan of supporting local and I went to high school with Sal and Brian, so I purchased a bag of Zero Dark Thirty. Outstanding coffee; rich and full flavor. It has a nice punch too to help get the day started. As a retired USAF pilot of 20 years, we have a saying, “A fighter pilot hasn’t had enough coffee until he can the thread the needle of a sewing machine… while it’s running.”

  6. Sarah Polnow

    Came across this company at a booth Kane County Fair back in July. Gave out free samples. I’m so impressed! I love dark roasts so this is my favorite roast (so far!) Rich taste, good quality, and I love what this company stands for πŸ™‚

  7. Julie Blake

    This coffee ROCKS! I love it, can’t wait to order more. Purchased at a gun show in Woodstock, IL. Not bitter, just bold and delicious!

  8. Craig Grude

    I came across this coffee at the Kane County Fair Grounds. I bought the Zero Dark Thirty in K-cups. It has a good strong but smooth flavor. Forty years in law enforcement I spent many night shifts running on coffee. I really appreciate a good cup of coffee. You won’t be disappointed.

  9. Jaki

    Received my coffee and I absolutely love it!
    Will be ordering more.

  10. Head’s Red BBQ (verified owner)

    Perfect dark roast. A lot of dark roast out there is not dark at all. When I opened the bag and saw the beans I knew it was going to be a good brew. I use a Technivorm Moccamaster . These beans made the perfect dark brew. Nice bite but not bitter

  11. Michele

    I bought this coffee at the Flea Market at the Kane County Fairgrounds – it has a great full flavor – I was duly impressed! I will buy it again.

  12. Ludy (verified owner)

    I love this coffee! It’s rich, dark, and never bitter.

  13. Beatrice

    Bought this at a festival in Illinois from Patriot Popcorn. Absolutely amazing coffee and mission.

  14. Dave Gartee

    I wandered in the store, pulled in by the smell of roasting coffee. Loved the ZDT, good bold flavor, since then I have purchased it every time I come to Batavia

  15. Toby J.

    Where has this been all my life? I bought this at Brothers Arms in Savannah, MO while buying my CCW 9mm. They were offering samples and instantly loved ZDT. It reminded me of the DFAC coffee in Germany after being of staff duty. This has a wonderful aroma with no bitter acidy taste. This is now my go to over Cafe bustelo. Thank you for this wonderful product.

  16. Rob

    Damn good coffee, damn good cause, damn right

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